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About Us

Breeding French Bulldogs or "Frenchies" has never been our intention from the start. We first began breeding European Dobermans of Championship Bloodlines. As intelligent and powerful as these dogs are, we wanted a smaller and compact family dog that would be able to play inside and outside the home. ​

We have decided to choose the French Bulldog breed because it is well known around the world as an incredibly affectionate dog, fit for any family and small sized home. More importantly, however, was our desire to breed a dog that's playful, loyal, and adaptable. 

Our Frenchies are free roaming and seldom caged. From time to time, we have the opportunity to experience and enjoy whelping a litter and raising beautiful puppies. All our Frenchie puppies have the hallmark "bat ears" and come in a variety of colors like merle, lilac, blue, black, and tricolored, depending on the litter. They may be reserved and purchased by a qualified and responsible prospective dog owner for companionship.

Isabella french bulldog - cute french bulldog puppy
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